Jorge Dalto – Chevere (1976)

Chevere is the debut solo album by Brazilian jazz-pop pianist Jorge Dalto, released in 1976 on United Artists.

A1. “Stella By Starlight” (3:29)
A2. “I’ve Got You On My Mind” (6:14)
A3. “For Openers” (6:41)
A4. “Dolphin Dance” (4:24)
B1. “Time For Some Changes” (8:47)
B2. “I Only Care For You” (5:31)
B3. “Theme In Berlin” (3:53)
B4. “Love For Sale” (4:46)

Jorge Dalto — piano, fender rhodes, Clavinet, arp solina string ensemble, Minimoog, vocals, arranger
Bernard Purdie — drums
Carlos Martin — congas
Rahsan Jemmott — bass
Ronnie Foster — Minimoog
Tom Malone — trombone
Seldon Powell — tenor saxophone
Jerry Dodgion — alto saxophone, flute
Ernie Royal — trumpet
Victor Paz — trumpet
Tony Jimenez — percussion
Rubén Blades — vocals
Adela — lead vocals
Teddy Reig — producer
Jeff Ader — engineer, mixer
Herb Bushler — bass

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