Joni Mitchell – Wild Things Run Fast (1982)

Wild Things Run Fast is the eleventh studio album by Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, released in 1982 on Geffen.

A1. “Chinese Cafe / Unchained Melody” (5:17)
A2. “Wild Things Run Fast” (2:12)
A3. “Ladies’ Man” (2:37)
A4. “Moon at the Window” (3:42)
A5. “Solid Love” (2:57)
B1. “Be Cool” (4:12)
B2. “(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care” (2:36)
B3. “You Dream Flat Tires” (2:50)
B4. “Man to Man” (3:42)
B5. “Underneath the Streetlight” (2:14)
B6. “Love” (3:46)

Joni Mitchell — vocals, writer, producer, mixer, artwork, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, backing vocals
Larry Klein — bass, arranger
Michael Landau — electric guitar
Steve Lukather — electric guitar
Larry Carlton — electric guitar
Wayne Shorter — soprano saxophone
Russell Ferrante — synthesizer
Larry Williams — synthesizer, saxophone, tenor saxophone
Kim Hutchcroft — baritone saxophone
John Guerin — drums, backing vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta — drums, arranger
Don Alias — arranger
Robert de la Garza — backing vocals
Skip Cottrell — backing vocals, recording engineer
Howard Kinney — backing vocals
Kenny Rankin — backing vocals
Lionel Richie — backing vocals
James Taylor — backing vocals
Charles Valentino — backing vocals

Clyde Kaplan — recording engineer
Henry Lewy — mixer, recording engineer
Larry Hirsch — mixing engineer
Chase Williams — mixing engineer
John Golden — mastering
Glen Christensen — art direction

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