Joni Mitchell – Court and Spark (1974)

Court and Spark is the sixth album by Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, released in 1974 on Asylum.

A1. “Court and Spark” (2:46)
A2. “Help Me” (3:22)
A3. “Free Man in Paris” (3:02)
A4. “People’s Parties” (2:20)
A5. “The Same Situation” (3:05)
B1. “Car on a Hill” (2:58)
B2. “Down to You” (5:36)
B3. “Just Like This Train” (4:23)
B4. “Raised on Robbery” (3:05)
B5. “Trouble Child” (3:57)
B6. “Twisted” (2:18)

Joni Mitchell — piano, vocals, producer, cover art, Clavinet, backing vocals, writer, arranger
John Guerin — drums, percussion
Joe Sample — electric piano
Tom Scott — woodwinds, reeds, string arrangements, arranger
Larry Carlton — guitar
José Feliciano — guitar
Wayne Perkins — guitar
Robbie Robertson — guitar
Dennis Budimir — guitar
Max Bennett —
Wilton Felder — bass
Jim Hughart — bass
Chuck Findley — trumpet
Milt Holland — chimes
David Crosby — backing vocals
Graham Nash — backing vocals
Susan Webb — backing vocals
Cheech & Chong — backing vocals

Henry Lewy — engineer
Bernie Grundman — mastering
Anthony Hudson — art direction, design
Norman Seeff — photography

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