Jon Lucien – Mind’s Eye (1974)

Mind’s Eye is the third album by Caribbean soul singer Jon Lucien, released in 1974 on RCA.

A1. “A Sunny Day” (2:37)
A2. “A Prayer for Peace” (3:53)
A3. “Adoration” (4:47)
A4. “So Little Time” (2:59)
A5. “Listen Love” (6:35)
B1. “The Pleasure of Your Garden” (2:15)
B2. “World of Joy” (4:58)
B3. “The Ghetto Song” (2:23)
B4. “Soul Chant” (2:57)
B5. “When the Morning Comes” (4:27)

Jon Lucien — bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, arranger, composer
Mitch Keper — Fender Rhodes electric piano
Billy Butler — guitar
John Tropea — guitar
Cameron Brown — bass
Richard Harrigan — drums
Steve Thornton — congas
Dave Grusin — percussion, piano, conductor
Jorge Fattoruso — percussion
Ralph MacDonald — percussion
Garnett Brown — trombone
Marvin Stamm — trumpet
Lew Delgatto — woodwinds
Bobby Keller — woodwinds
Larry Rosen — producer
Ray Hall — mixing engineer, recording engineer
Dick Baxter — recording engineer
Jim Crotty — recording engineer
Albertine Robinson — backing vocals
Christine Spencer — backing vocals
Maeretha Stewart — backing vocals
Marti McCall — backing vocals

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