Johnny Hammond ‎– Gambler’s Life (1974)

Gambler’s Life is a jazz-funk album by American keyboardist Johnny Hammond, released in 1974 on Salvation.

A1. “Gambler’s Life” (5:45)
A2. “Rhodesian Thoroughfare” (6:06)
A3. “This Year’s Dream” (6:19)
A4. “Star Borne” (7:51)
B1. “Back to the Projects” (5:36)
B2. “Yesterday Was Cool” (6:50)
B3. “Virgo Lady” (6:41)
B4. “Call on Me” (4:30)

CD bonus: Rock Steady

Johnny Hammond — electric piano, synthesizer
Jerry Peters — piano
Mel Bolton — guitar
Melvin “Wah-Wah” Ragin — guitar
John Rowin — guitar
Tony Dumas — bass
Henry Franklin — bass
Harvey Mason — drums
Fritz Wise — drums
King Errison — congas
Larry Mizell — Solina, background vocals, vocal arrangements, producer
Fonce Mizell — Clavinet, trumpet, background vocals, vocal arrangements
Stephanie Spruill — percussion, vocals
Carl Randell, Jr. — saxophone
Al Hall — trombone
Freddie Perren — background vocals, vocal arrangements

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