John Miles ‎– Play On (1983)

Play On is the sixth album by English musician/songwriter John Miles, released in 1983 on EMI.

A1. “Take Me to My Heaven” (3:22)
A2. “Song for You” (4:13)
A3. “It Wasn’t Love at All” (4:34)
A4. “Ready to Spread Your Wings” (4:47)
A5. “I’ll Never Do It Again” (4:49)
B1. “Heart of Stone” (4:27)
B2. “Home” (5:14)
B3. “Close Eyes, Count to Ten” (4:23)
B4. “Carrie” (3:45)
B5. “The Right to Sing” (3:42)

John Miles — Lead Vocals
Martin Jenner — Guitar
Graham Jarvie — Drums
Paul Westwood — Bass

Bruce Baxter — Orchestral Arrangements
Gus Dudgeon — Tambourine

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