John Howard – Kid in a Big World (1975)

Kid in a Big World is the debut album by English singer/songwriter John Howard, released in 1975 on CBS.

A1. “Goodbye Suzie” (4:23)
A2. “Family Man” (2:58)
A3. “The Flame” (4:03)
A4. “Maybe Someday In Miami” (2:04)
A5. “Gone Away” (3:44)
B1. “Missing Key” (3:29)
B2. “Spellbound” (2:44)
B3. “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” (3:31)
B4. “Deadly Nightshade” (2:31)
B5. “Kid in a Big World” (3:47)

CD reissue bonus tracks:
11. “Third Man” (2:04)
12. “Small Town, Big Adventures” (3:00)
13. “Pearl Parade (For Fred and Ginger)” (2:41)
14. “Party Deux (Demo)” (3:11)
15. “Werewolves (Demo)” (4:33)
16. “Cue Dream Sequence (Demo)” (3:06)
17. “Goodbye Suzie (Alternate Mix)” (4:24 )

Lead vocals, piano – John Howard
Photography – Mike Nicholson
Producer – Paul Phillips, Tony Meehan

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