John Greaves, Peter Blegvad & Lisa Herman ‎– Kew. Rhone. (1977)

Kew. Rhone. is a collaboration LP between English bassist/composer John Greaves and American guitarist/songwriter Peter Blegvad, released in 1977 on Virgin. The duo — joined by upcoming American jazz vocalist Lisa Herman — came together through their mutual involvement in the mid-’70s Henry Cow/Slapp Happy merger.

A1. “Good Evening” (0:31)
A2. “Twenty-Two Proverbs” (3:56)
A3. “Seven Scenes from the Painting Exhuming the First American Mastodon by C.W. Peale” (3:26)
A4. “Kew. Rhone.” (2:55)
A5. “Pipeline” (3:31)
A6. “Catalogue of Fifteen Objects & Their Titles” (3:28)
B1. “One Footnote (To Kew. Rhone.)” (1:25)
B2. “Three Tenses Onanism” (3:58)
B3. “Nine Mineral Emblems” (5:41)
B4. “Apricot” (2:57)
B5. “Gegenstand” (3:37)

John Greaves — piano, organ, bass, vocals, music, percussion
Peter Blegvad — vocals, guitar, lyrics, tenor saxophone
Lisa Herman — vocals
Andrew Cyrille — drums, percussion
Michael Mantler — trumpet, trombone, engineer
Carla Bley — vocals, tenor saxophone
Michael A. Levine — violin, viola, vocals
Vito Rendace — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
April Lang — vocals
Dana Johnson — vocals
Boris Kinberg — claves

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