John Foxx ‎– Metamatic (1980)

Metamatic is the debut solo album by former Ultravox frontman John Foxx, released in 1980 on his trademark Virgin-subsidiary Metal Beat. Musically, the album expands on the electro-luminosity that he pioneered with the band on “My Sex” — a style popularized in the interim by protege Gary Numan on the albums The Pleasure Principle and Telekon.

A1. “Plaza” (3:54)
A2. “He’s a Liquid” (3:00)
A3. “Underpass” (3:56)*
A4. “Metal Beat” (3:01)
A5. “No-One Driving” (3:47)**
B1. “A New Kind of Man” (3:41)
B2. “Blurred Girl” (4:19)
B3. “030” (3:17)
B4. “Tidal Wave” (4:16)
B5. “Touch and Go” (5:36)

1980 shortplayer sides:
* / B. “Film One” (3:55)
** / B. “Glimmer” (3:35) / C. “This City” (3:05) / D. “Mr. No” (3:12)
A. “Miles Away” (3:05) / B. “A Long Time” (3:46)
A. “Burning Car” (3:13) / B. “20th Century” (3:05 )
A. “My Face

John Foxx — vocals, synthesizer, drum programming, producer, composer, cover design
John Barker — synthesiser
Jake Durant — bass
Gareth Jones — engineer
M Garrett — layout
C. P. Gabrin — photography

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