Joe Walsh ‎– “But Seriously, Folks…” (1978)

But Seriously, Folks… is the fourth solo studio album by American rock guitarist Joe Walsh, released in 1978 on Asylum.

A1. “Over and Over” (4:52)
A2. “Second Hand Store” (3:36)
A3. “Indian Summer” (3:03)
A4. “At the Station” (5:09)
B1. “Tomorrow” (3:38)
B2. “Inner Tube” (1:25)
B3. “Theme From Boat Weirdos” (4:44)
B4. “Life’s Been Good” (8:04)

Joe Walsh — vocals, guitar, synthesizer, writer
Joe Vitale — drums, percussion, flute, synthesizer, background vocals, writer
Jay Ferguson — keyboards, writer
Willie Weeks — bass, writer
Joey Murcia — guitar
Bill Szymczyk — tambourine, background vocals, writer, producer, engineer
Don Felder — pedal steel, guitar
Jody Boyer, Don Henley , Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmit — background vocals

Ed Mashal — engineer
Ted Jensen — mastering

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