Joe O’Donnell ‎– Gaodhal’s Vision (1977)

Gaodhal’s Vision is a jazz-rock album by Irish violinist Joe O’Donnell, released in 1977 on Polydor.

A1. “The Vision” (4:55)
A2. “The Exodus” (3:34)
A3. “Caravan” (2:20)
A4. “The Battle & Retreat Underground” (3:25)
A5. “Tara” (3:24)
B1. “The Fair” (6:20)
B2. “The House Of Hostages” (1:58)
B3. “For Trades & Hospitality” (2:26)
B4. “House of Warriors” (2:50)
B5. “The Great Banqueting Hall” (1:43)
B6. “Poets & Story Tellers” (4:20)

Bass – Bill Smith
Drums – Theo Thunder
Flute – Jon Field
Guitar – Paul McDonald, Rory Gallagher (B6), Steve Bolton
Keyboards – David Lennox
Violin – Joe O’Donnell

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