Jobriath ‎– Jobriath (1973)

Jobriath is the first of two solo albums by the namesake American art-pop/cabaret performer, released in 1973 on Elektra.

A1. “Take Me I’m Yours” (4:10)
A2. “Be Still” (3:37)
A3. “World Without End” (3:41)
A4. “Space Clown” (2:34)
A5. “Earthling” (3:29)
A6. “Movie Queen” (1:56)
B1. “I’m a Man” (3:33)
B2. “Inside” (3:46)
B3. “Morning Star Ship” (3:27)
B4. “Rock of Ages” (2:21)
B5. “Blow Away” (4:55)

Jobriath — writer, performer, producer
Steve Love — guitar
Andy Muson — performer
Ken Bichel — performer
Peter Frampton — performer
Carl Hall — performer
Tasha Thomas — performer
Rhetta Hughes — performer
Heather Macrae — performer
Zenobia — performer
Peggy Nestor — performer
Gerhard — performer
Edwin H. Kramer — producer
Shig Ikeda — photography
Robert L. Heimall — art direction, design
John Syomis — performer
Billy Schwartz — guitar

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