Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer ‎– Like Children (1974)

Like Children is a jazz-rock collaborative album between American violinist Jerry Goodman and Czech keyboardist Jan Hammer, released in 1974 on Nemperor. The album is a self-contained effort recorded just after the pair’s departure from the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

A1. “Country and Eastern Music” (5:34)
A2. “No Fear” (3:28)
A3. “I Remember Me” (3:47)
A4. “Earth (Still Our Only Home)” (4:15)
A5. “Topeka” (2:57)
B1. “Steppings Tones” (3:29)
B2. “Night” (5:48)
B3. “Full Moon Boogie” (4:11)
B4. “Giving in Gently / I Wonder” (4:47)

Jan Hammer — piano, electric piano, vocals, lead and bass Moog synthesizers, sequencers, drums, percussion
Jerry Goodman — electric guitar, vocals, electric and acoustic violins, viola, violow

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