Jean-Paul Prat ‎– Masal (1984)

Masal is an album by French Zeuhl pianist/composer Jean-Paul Prat, released in 1984 on Stand-By Records. The album consists of a 42-minute titular composition split across two sides. A 1995 CD reissue of the album on Musea features the composition in one piece along with 34 minutes of bonus material.

Tracklist (Stand-By):
A1. “Masal (1ère partie)” (21:35)
B1. “Masal (2ème partie)” (21:20)

Tracklist (Musea):
1. “Masal” (42:20)*

Bonus tracks:
2. “Maran Atha-Selah” (15:56 — :01-5:35-10:30-11:50-15:55)
3. “Messagers de Notre-Dame” (9:13)
4. “Valse funèbre” (5:11)
5. “Origines – Seconde partie” (3:33)

*(:01-9:03-11:40-15:00-18:17-21:08-23:33-25:50-28:50-31:32-34:12, 35:42-39:02-39:57-42:14)

Bass – Hervé Gourru
Drums, Piano, Vocals – Jean-Paul Prat
Flute [Flutes], Quena, Panpipes – Gérard Geoffroy
French Horn – Bernard Morard
Guitar – Alain Escure, Carlo Grassi, Norbert Galo
Percussion [Percussions] – Eric Duval
Piano, Synthesizer [Synthesizers] – Jean-Jacques Willig
Piano, Vocals – Viviane Galo
Saxophone [Saxophones] – George Rolland
Saxophone [Saxophones], Flute – Richard Héritier
Trombone – Gilles Morard
Trumpet – Richard Negro

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