Jean-Luc Ponty – Imaginary Voyage (1976)

Imaginary Voyage is the second of two studio albums released in 1976 by French-born/U.S.-based violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. The album is the third of his 12-title run on Atlantic and the first to feature ex-Zappa keyboardist Allan Zavod, whose shimmery sustains would help characterize the remainder of Ponty’s ’70s output.

A1. “New Country” (3:07)
A2. “The Gardens of Babylon” (5:06)
A3. “Wandering on the Milky Way (Violin Solo)” (1:50)
A4. “Once Upon a Dream” (4:08)
A5. “Tarantula” (4:04)
B. “Imaginary Voyage
— a. Part I (2:22)
— b. Part II (4:05)
— c. Part III (5:28)
— d. Part IV (8:00)

Jean-Luc Ponty — violin, electric violin, organ, synthesiser, composition, arrangements, producer
Allan Zavod — piano, electric piano
Daryl Stuermer — guitar, electric guitar
Tom Fowler — electric bass
Mark Craney — percussion

Larry Hirsch — engineer
Bill Harvey — cover design

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