Jazz Impression, Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann ‎– Énigme Infinie (1981)

Énigme Infinie is an album by French quintet Jazz Impression featuring saxist/composer Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann, released in 1981 on Disques JAM.

A1. “Ironie du sort” (4:41)
A2. “Rue des écouffes” (5:46)
A3. “Gus Dance” (6:44)
B1. “Ad pandemonium” (5:54)
B2. “L’énigme infinie” (5:32)
B3. “Merzak Express” (3:50)
B4. “Le bœuf à trois pattes” (5:18)

Cello [Contrebasse] – François Méchali
Drums [Batterie] – Merzak Mouthana
Piano [Piano Acoustique], Synthesizer [Synthétiseurs] – François Couturier
Soprano Saxophone [Sax Soprano], Clarinet [Clarinettes], Flute [Flûte] – Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann
Tenor Saxophone [Sax Ténor], Flute [Flûtes] – Philippe Maté

Recorded By [Prise De Son] – Thierry Beaumarié

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