Japan ‎– Tin Drum (1981)

Tin Drum is the fifth album by English art-rock/New Wave band Japan, released in 1981 on Virgin.

A1. “The Art of Parties” (4:09)*
A2. “Talking Drum” (3:34)
A3. “Ghosts” (4:33)
A4. “Canton” (5:30)
B1. “Still Life in Mobile Homes” (5:32)
B2. “Visions of China” (3:37)
B3. “Sons of Pioneers” (7:07)
B4. “Cantonese Boy” (3:44)

*B-side: “Life Without Buildings” (6.40)

David Sylvian – vocals, guitar, keyboard, keyboard programming, tapes, cover concept
Mick Karn – fretless bass guitar, African flute, dida
Steve Jansen – acoustic drums, electronic drums, keyboard percussion
Richard Barbieri – keyboard, keyboard programming, tapes

Yuka Fujii – backing vocals
Simon House – violin
Steve Nye – engineer

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