Japan ‎– Quiet Life (1979)

Quiet Life is the third album by English art-rock/New Wave band Japan, released in December 1979 on Hansa.

A1. “Quiet Life” (4:53)
A2. “Fall in Love with Me” (4:31)
A3. “Despair” (5:56)
A4. “In Vogue” (6:30)
B1. “Halloween” (4:24)
B2. “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (5:43)
B3. “Alien” (5:01)
B4. “The Other Side of Life” (7:26)

David Sylvian – lead vocals, guitar, production
Rob Dean – guitar, backing vocals, production
Richard Barbieri – synthesizer, keyboards, production
Mick Karn – bass, backing vocals, saxophone, flute, production
Steve Jansen – drums, backing vocals, percussion, production

Ann Odell – orchestral arrangements
Martyn Ford – orchestral conduction
John Punter – production, engineering

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