Janne Schaffer – Janne Schaffer’s Andra LP (1974)

Janne Schaffer’s Andra LP is the second solo album by Swedish jazz-rock guitarist Janne Schaffer, released in 1974 on Ljudspår.

A1. “Dr Abraham” (5:05)
A2. “Ugglor i mossen” (2:40)
A3. “Scales” (5:00)
A4. “Kulan växer” (4:12)
A5. “Luftlandsättning Avd. 60” (1:10)
B1. “Underhuggaren” (5:40)
B2. “Den gåtfulla jungfrun” (4:10)
B3. “Ryska posten” (5:25)
B4. “Vilda drömmar” (2:35)

Janne Schaffer — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar, bass, producer, writer
Björn J:son Lindh — flute, alto recorder, electric piano, Clavinet, writer
Stefan Brolund — bass, contrabass, writer
Lucas Lindholm — bass
Mads Vinding — bass
Per Sahlberg — electric guitar, bass, writer
Ola Brunkert — drums
Pétur Östlund — drums
Malando Gassama — congas, drums, percussion, writer
Pete Robinson — Clavinet, Moog
John Gustafson — bass
Jan Bandel — xylophone
Björn Linder — slide guitar

Lars Samuelson — producer
Olle Ramm — engineer
Bo Anders Larsson — engineer

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