Jan Akkerman ‎– Jan Akkerman (1977)

Jan Akkerman is the second solo album by Dutch classical/jazz-rock guitarist Jan Akkerman, released in 1977 on Atlantic.

A1. “Crackers” (4:19)
A2. “Angel Watch” (9:50)
A3. “Pavane” (5:31)
B1. “Streetwalker” (6:59)
B2. “Skydancer” (5:13)
B3. “Floatin’” (5:13)
B4. “Gate to Europe” (3:02)

Joachim Kühn — keyboards
Cees van der Laarse — bass
Bruno Castellucci — drums
Neppie Noya — percussion
Jan Akkerman — guitar, arrangements
Michael Gibbs — strings, flute
Pierre van der Linden — drums

Roger Webb — conductor, mixing
Richard de Bois — producer, mixing

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