James White & the Blacks ‎– Off White (1979)

Off White is an album by NYC avant-funksters James White & the Blacks, released in 1979 on ZE.

A1. “Contort Yourself” (6:19)
A2. “Stained Sheets” (5:48)
A3. “(Tropical) Heat Wave” (3:49)
A4. “Almost Black” (7:44)
B1. “White Savages” (4:47)
B2. “Off Black” (6:26)
B3. “White Devil” (4:30)
B4. “Bleached Black” (2:47)

James Chance — alto saxophone, producer, vocals, organ
Don Christensen — drums
Jody Harris — guitar
Pat Place — slide guitar
George Scott — guitar
Adele Bertei — piano, percussion
Paul Colin — tenor saxophone
Vivienne Dick — violin
“Little” Willie Feather — vocals
Kristian Hoffman — piano, vocals
Lydia Lunch — vocals, guitar
Ray Mantilla — congas
Randy Marlowe — vocals
Anya Phillips — vocals
Robert Quine — guitar

Bob Blank — engineering

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