James Gang ‎– James Gang Rides Again (1970)

James Gang Rides Again is the second album by American hard-rock band the James Gang, released in 1970 on ABC.

A1. “Funk #49” (3:54)
A2. “Asshtonpark” (2:04)
A3. “Woman” (4:37)
A4. “The Bomber” (7:04)
— a. Closet Queen
— b. Bolero
— c. Cast Your Fate to the Wind
B1. “Tend My Garden” (5:44)
B2. “Garden Gate” (1:36)
B3. “There I Go Again” (2:50)
B4. “Thanks” (2:20)
B5. “Ashes the Rain and I” (4:56)

Joe Walsh — guitar, keyboards, vocals, composer
Jim Fox — drums, percussion, composer
Dale “Bugsley” Peters — bass, guitar

James Gang — arranger
Bill Szymczyk — producer, engineer
Rusty Young — pedal steel guitar
Jack Nitzsche — string arrangements

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