James Blood Ulmer ‎– Are You Glad to Be in America? (1980)

Are You Glad to Be in America? is an album by American avant-garde jazz guitarist James Blood Ulmer, released in 1980 on Rough Trade.

A1. “Layout” (5:00)
A2. “Pressure” (3:50)
A3. “Interview” (3:35)
A4. “Jazz Is the Teacher (Funk Is the Preacher)” (4:03)
A5. “See-Through” (3:46)
B1. “Time Out” (5:22)
B2. “T.V. Blues” (4:29)
B3. “Light Eyed” (4:20)
B4. “Revelation March” (3:18)
B5. “Are You Glad to Be in America?” (4:35)

James ‘Blood’ Ulmer — guitar, producer, mixer, writer, arranger
Amin Ali — electric bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson — drums
G. Calvin Weston — drums
David Murray — tenor saxophone
Oliver Lake — alto saxophone
Olu Dara — trumpet
Roger Trilling — assistant producer, mixer
Mayo Thompson — assistant producer, mixer
Geoff Travis — mixer
Skipper Kidron — mixing engineer
Porky — cutting engineer
William Patterson — rhythm guitar

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