Jade Warrior ‎– Way of the Sun (1978)

Way of the Sun is the seventh chronological album by English instrumental/exotica combo Jade Warrior, released in 1978 on Island.

A1. “Sun Ra” (3:31)
A2. “Sun Child” (2:44)
A3. “Moontears” (4:04)
A4. “Heaven Stone” (5:29)
A5. “Way of the Sun” (5:58)
B1. “River Song” (5:04)
B2. “Carnival” (2:16)
B3. “Dance of the Sun” (4:55)
B4. “Death of Ra” (7:20)

Jon Field, Tony Duhig — Composed By, Producer, Instruments
Dick Cuthell – Flugelhorn (A1)
John Denith – Drums (A1, B2)
Bill Smith – bass (B2)
Gowan Turnbull – saxophone (B2)
Kuma Harada – Bass (A5)
Godfrey McLean – Percussion (A5)
Allan Price – Drums (A5)

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