Jackson Heights ‎– Ragamuffins Fool (1972)

Ragamuffins Fool is the third album by English art-rock/music-hall foursome Jackson Heights, released in 1972 on Vertigo. The album was issued stateside the following year with different cover art on the Verve label.

A1. “Maureen” (3:50)
A2. “Oh You Beauty” (4:00)
A3. “As She Starts” (3:46)
A4. “Bebop” (3:56)
A5. “Catch a Thief” (4:48)
B1. “Ragamuffins Fool” (4:20)
B2. “Chorale” (3:20)
B3. “Chips and Chicken” (3:57)
B4. “Poor Peter” (2:04)
B5. “Bellyful of Water” (3:50)

Lee Jackson — bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, congas, electric cello, producer
John McBurnie — acoustic guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion
Michael Giles — drums
Brian Chatton — piano, organ, Mellotron, vocals

David Hentschel — engineer
Ted Sharp — engineer
Roger McKew — lead guitar
Dave Watts — piano
Lawrie Wright — piano

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