Jack Bruce ‎– Songs for a Tailor (1969)

Songs for a Tailor is the debut solo album by ex-Cream bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce, released in 1969 on Polydor/Atco.

A1. “Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out of Tune” (3:41)
A2. “Theme for an Imaginary Western” (3:30)
A3. “Tickets to Waterfalls” (3:00)
A4. “Weird of Hermiston” (2:24)
A5. “Rope Ladder to the Moon” (2:54)
B1. “The Ministry of Bag” (2:49)
B2. “He the Richmond” (3:36)
B3. “Boston Ball Game, 1967” (1:45)
B4. “To Isengard” (5:28)
B5. “The Clearout” (2:35)

Jack Bruce — vocals, bass, music, arrangements, piano, organ, cello, guitar
Felix Pappalardi — producer, vocals, percussion, guitar
Pete Brown — lyrics
L’Angelo Misterioso — guitar
Chris Spedding — guitar
Jon Hiseman — drums
John Marshall — drums
Harry Beckett — trumpet
Henry Lowther — trumpet
Dick Heckstall-Smith — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Art Themen — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
John Mumford — trombone

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