Ithaca – A Game for All Who Know (1973)

A Game for All Who Know is a folk-psych concept album by Ithaca, released in 1973 on self-press Merlin.

Ithaca was the second group moniker for the trio of John Ferdinando, Peter Howell, and female singer Lee Menelaus. The two men first recorded soundtrack music as a duo. In 1970, they teamed with Menelaus in the trio Agincourt and released the album Fly Away, comprised mostly of Howell compositions. A Game for All Who Know consists of six musical suites composed by Ferdinando.


A1. “Journey (Destruction – Rebirth – Patterns Of Life)” (4:56)
A2. “Questions (Did You Know – Will We Be Alive)” (4:03)
A3. “Times (Seven SeasonsThe PathGiven Time)” (8:19)
B1. “Feelings (Look Around – I Want To Feel You)” (5:32)
B2. “Dreams (Story Of Our Time – Beneath This Sky)” (2:58)
B3. “Journey II (A Game For All Who Know)” (7:06)


John Ferdinando – guitars, vocals, bass, organ, autoharp
Peter Howell – guitars, piano, organ, mandolin, percussion, recorder, tape effects
Lee Menelaus – vocals

Robert Ferdinando – classical guitar (B3)
Brian Hussey – drums
Andrew Lowcock – timpani, flute (A2)
Martin Garrett – 12-string guitar
Cement – backing vocals

Brian Croney – engineer
H & F Recordings – producer

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