Isaac Hayes ‎– Truck Turner [OST] (1974)

Truck Turner is the ninth album by American R&B musician/vocalist Isaac Hayes, released in 1974 on Enterprise/Stax. The album was his third soundtrack work in the span of three years and also his third double-LP set.

A1. “Main Title – Truck Turner” (2:45)
A2. “House of Beauty” (3:08)
A3. “Blue’s Crib” (5:14)
A4. “Driving in the Sun” (6:06)
B1. “Breakthrough” (3:08)
B2. “Now We’re One” (2:26)
B3. “The Duke” (2:34)
B4. “Dorinda’s Party” (4:38)
C1. “Pursuit of the Pimpmobile” (9:05)
C2. “We Need Each Other Girl” (3:24)
C3. “A House Full of Girls” (3:58)
C4. “Hospital Shootout” (2:55)
D1. “You’re in My Arms Again” (4:53)
D2. “Give It to Me” (4:40)
D3. “Drinking” (3:35)
D4. “The Insurance Company” (6:55)
D5. “End Theme” (2:03)

Isaac Hayes — composer, performer, conductor, producer, arranger, mix engineer
The Movement — rhythm section
Hot Buttered Soul Unlimited — backing vocals
The Memphis Symphony Orchestra — strings
Johnny Allen — conductor, arranger, orchestration
Ron Capone — recording engineer, mix engineer
L. Nix — mastering

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