Isaac Hayes – Shaft (1971)

Shaft is the fifth album by American R&B musician/vocalist Isaac Hayes, originally released as a double LP in August 1971 on Enterprise/Stax. The album serves as the soundtrack to the MGM motion picture of the same name.

A1. “Theme From Shaft (Vocal)” (4:37)
A2. “Bumpy’s Lament” (1:49)
A3. “Walk From Regio’s” (2:22)
A4. “Ellie’s Love Theme” (3:15)
A5. “Shaft’s Cab Ride” (1:07)
B1. “Cafe Regio’s” (6:09)
B2. “Early Sunday Morning” (3:47)
B3. “Be Yourself” (4:27)
B4. “A Friend’s Place” (3:21)
C1. “Soulsville (Vocal)” (3:47)
C2. “No Name Bar” (6:09)
C3. “Bumpy’s Blues” (4:01)
C4. “Shaft Strikes Again” (3:04)
D1. “Do Your Thing (Vocal)” (19:38)
D2. “The End Theme” (1:56)

Isaac Hayes — composer, performer, producer, horn arrangements, string arrangements, piano, organ, vibraphone, electric piano
Lester Snell — electric piano
James Alexander — bass guitar
Michael Toles — lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Charles Pitts — lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Willie Hall — drums, tambourine
Gary Jones — bongos, congas
Ronald Hudson — bass guitar
“Hot”, “Buttered”, and “Soul” — background vocals
Johnny Allen — horn arrangements, string arrangements
J. J. Johnson — horn arrangements, string arrangements
Sidney Kirk — piano

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