Icehouse ‎– Icehouse (1981)

Icehouse is the re-released debut album by the renamed Australian band Icehouse, issued in 1981 on Chrysalis. The album was first released the prior year under the band’s original name Flowers. The opening track on the album, “Icehouse,” was quickly deemed the more striking nameplate, thus prompting the switch.

A1. “Icehouse” (4:13)
A2. “Can’t Help Myself” (3:47)
A3. “Sister” (3:24)
A4. “Walls” (4:00)
A5. “Sons” (4:30)
B1. “We Can Get Together” (3:37)
B2. “Boulevarde” (3:14)
B3. “Fatman” (3:50)
B4. “Skin” (2:45)
B5. “Not My Kind” (3:34)

Iva Davies – vocals; guitar; oboe; keyboards
Michael Hoste – keyboards; piano (A4)
John Lloyd – drums; backing vocals
Anthony Smith – keyboards; backing vocals
Keith Welsh – bass guitar; backing vocals

Ian Moss – guitar (B4)
Geoff Oakes – saxophone (A5)
Producer: Cameron Allan, Iva Davies
Engineer: John Bee, David Cafe, Gerry Nixon

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