Ian Gillan Band – Clear Air Turbulence (1977)

Clear Air Turbulence is the second album by the Ian Gillan Band, released in 1977 on Island. For this album, the vocalist augmented his hard-rock backing band with a five-piece brass section.

A1. “Clear Air Turbulence” (7:35)
A2. “Five Moons” (7:30)
A3. “Money Lender” (5:38)
B1. “Over the Hill” (7:19)
B2. “Goodhand Liza” (5:24)
B3. “Angel Manchenio” (5:17)

Ian Gillan — vocals
John Gustafson — bass, vocals
Mark Nauseef — drums, percussion
Ray Fenwick — guitar, vocals
Colin Towns — keyboards, flute
Martin Frith — baritone saxophone
Malcolm Griffiths — trombone
Derek Healey — trumpet
John Huckridge — trumpet
Phil Kenzie — tenor saxophone
Cy Payne — brass arrangements

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