Howard Jones ‎– Dream Into Action (1985)

Dream Into Action is the second album by English musician/vocalist Howard Jones, released in 1985 on WEA/Elektra.

A1. Things Can Only Get Better (3:55)
A2. Life in One Day (3:39)
A3. Dream Into Action (3:47)
A4. No-One is to Blame (3:28)
A5. Look Mama (4:03)
A6. Assault and Battery (4:52)
B1. Automaton (4:06)
B2. Is There a Difference? (3:32)
B3. Elegy (4:23)
B4. Specialty* (3:58)
B5. Why Look for the Key?* (3:22)
B6. Hunger for the Flesh (4:02)

*replaced on US issue with:
Like to Get to Know You Well
Bounce Right Back

Howard Jones — vocals, instruments, programming, music, lyrics
Rupert Hine — producer
Stephen W. Tayler — recording engineer, mixing

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