Hot Flash ‎– First Attack! They’ll Never Take Us Alive (1977)

First Attack! They’ll Never Take Us Alive is an album by American art-rock band Hot Flash, released in 1977 on Rockwell Records.

A1. “Take Me” (5:54)
A2. “Is Anybody Out There” (3:42)
A3. “King Kool” (6:29)
A4. “Theme For A Saturday Matinee” (1:51)
A5. “They’ll Never Take Us Alive” (4:34)
B1. “Uriah” (7:09)
B2. “Victory March Thur Tinsylvania” (1:27)
B3. “Star Warped” (4:05)
B4. “Cathedral Of The Ancester” (3:30)
B5. “Diamond Wings” (6:10)

Bass, Synthesizer [Moog Base Pedals] – John Ferrara
Flute, Guitar, Vocals – Fredric Schwenk
Flute, Keyboards, Vocals – Thom Stolar
Keyboards, Vocals – Joe Prima
Percussion, Vocals – Steve Balsavage

Piccolo Flute [Piccolo] – Deborah Stolar (B2)
Producer – Adrian Barber
Front Cover Art – Bob Eastman

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