Høst – Hardt mot Hardt (1976)

Hardt mot hardt is the second of two albums by Norwegian hard-rock band Høst, released in 1976 on local-press On Records.

A1. “Profetens ord” (5:40)
A2. “Gorobin” (5:09)
A3. “Nattergalen” (7:10 — :01–4:23–6:47)
A4. “Ørnkloa” (3:17)
B1. “Sirkus” (7:42)
B2. “Lektyre” (3:55)
B3. “Åse” (3:19)
B4. “Æræeo” (5:57)

Bass – Bernt Bodahl
Drums – Willy Bendiksen
Guitar, Flute – Fezza Ellingsen
Organ, Piano, Accordion – Halvdan Nedrejord
Vocals – Geir Jahren

Producer – Bjørn Nessjøe

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