Horslips ‎– The Book of Invasions (1976)

The Book of Invasions is the fifth studio album by Irish Celtic-rock band Horslips, released in 1976 on DJM.

1st Movement: Geantrái
A1. “Daybreak” (2:28)
A2. “March Into Trouble” (0:51) / “Trouble (With a Capital T)” (3:24)
A3. “The Power and the Glory” (3:56)
A4. “The Rocks Remain” (2:49)
A5. “Dusk” (0:39) / “Sword of Light” (4:54) / “Dark” (1:36)
2nd Movement: Goltrái
B1. “Warm Sweet Breath of Love” (3:24)
B2. “Fantasia (My Lagan Love)” (2:56)
B3. “King of Morning, Queen of Day” (4:30)
3rd Movement: Suantrái
B4. “Sideways to the Sun” (4:46)
B5. “Drive the Cold Winter Away” (0:55) / “Ride to Hell” (3:47)

Charles O’Connor – fiddle, mandolin, concertina, vocals, cover design
Jim Lockhart – keyboards, flute, whistles
John Fean – guitar, vocals
Barry Devlin – bass, vocals
Eamon Carr – drums, percussion

Alan O’Duffy – producer, engineer

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