Horacee Arnold ‎– Tribe (1973)

Tribe is the first of two headlining albums by American post-bop/jazz-funk drummer Horacee Arnold, released in 1973 on Columbia.

A1. “Tribe” (10:16)
A2. “Banyan Dance” (7:34)
A3. “Forest Games” (2:27)
B1. “Orchards of Engedi” (10:44)
B2. “The Actor” (6:56)
B3. “Professor Moriarty” (0:42)
B4. “500 Miles High” (9:12)

Billy Harper — tenor saxophone
Joe Farrell — flute, alto flute, soprano saxophone
Ralph Towner — 12-string guitar
David Friedman — vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, percussion
George Mraz — bass
Horacee Arnold — drums, log drum, producer
Ralph MacDonald — congas, percussion

Stan Tonkel — engineer
Stan Weiss — editing, mixing
Robert Hurwitz — liner notes
John Hammond — executive producer

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