Home ‎– The Alchemist (1973)

The Alchemist is the third album by English rustic/art-rock band Home, released in 1973 on CBS.

A1. “Schooldays” (2:57)
A2. “The Old Man Dying” (3:47)
A3. “Time Passes By” (2:05)
A4. “The Old Man Calling” (3:15)
A5. “The Disaster” (2:36)
A6. “The Sun’s Revenge” (4:00)
B1. “A Secret to Keep” (1:18)
B2. “The Brass Band Player” (1:25)
B3. “Rejoicing” (2:49)
B4. “The Disaster Returns (Devestation)” (8:03)
B5. “The Death of the Alchemist” (4:35)
B6. “The Alchemist” (3:48)

Mick Stubbs — lead vocals, guitar, piano
Laurie Wisefield — lead guitar, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, vocals
Cliff Williams — bass guitar, vocals
Mick Cook — drums, percussion
Jimmy Anderson — piano, organ, Mellotron, synthesiser, vocals

David Skillin — lyrics
John Anthony — producer, engineer
Pat Moran — engineer
Ted Sharp — engineer
Mike Stone — engineer

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