Hoelderlin ‎– Clowns & Clouds (1976)

Clowns & Clouds is the third album by German symphonic-rock band Hoelderlin, released in 1976 on Spiegelei.

A1. “Madhouse” (6:48)
A2. “Your Eyes” (6:12)
A3. “Circus” (10:07)
–a. “Tango Mili”
–b. “Marching”
–c. “Sensations”
B1. “Streaming” (7:12)
B2. “Phasing” (12:10)

Hans Bäär — bass, guitar
Michael Bruchmann — drums, percussion
Christian Grumbkow — lead guitar
Jochen Grumbkow — keyboard, vocal, cello
Christoph Noppeney — viola, vocal, acoustic guitar
Jörg-Peter Siebert — saxophone, flute, percussion, guest

Karl-Heinz Borchert — producer
Conny Plank — sound engineer

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