Hiro Yanagida ‎– Hirocosmos (1973)

Hirocosmos is the fifth solo album by Japanese post-bop/jazz-rock keyboardist Hiro Yanagida, released in 1973 on CBS/Sony.

A1. “The Sea of Tempest” (5:35)
A2. “Ode to Taurus” (4:15)
A3. “Breaking Sound-Barrier” (5:15)
A4. “Happy Cruise” (6:29)
B1. “Rockomotion” (5:50)
B2. “Uncertain Trip” (6:37)
B3. “Time For Reverie” (4:23)

Directed By [Recording Director] – Hiro Yanagida
Drums – Robert Rosenstein
Electric Bass – Tsugutoshi Goto
Electric Guitar – Masayoshi Takanaka
Percussion – Masami Kawahara
Piano, Electric Piano, Organ [Hammond], Synthesizer [Arp], Mellotron, Composed By – Hiro Yanagida
Tenor Saxophone – Takeru Muraoka

Engineer [Recording Engineer] – Yuichi Maejima
Photography By – Shin Kasahara
Producer [Recording Producer] – Jynn Maeda
Product Manager [Recording Manager] – Hideko Fujii

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