Hermeto Pascoal ‎– Zabumbê-bum-á (1979)

Zabumbê-bum-á is the fourth studio album by Brazilian avant-garde jazz musician/composer Hermeto Pascoal, released in 1979 on Warner Bros.

A1. “São Jorge” (2:36)
A2. “Rede” (6:27)
A3. “Pimenteira” (6:27)
A4. “Suíte Paulistana” (5:27)
B1. “Santo Antônio” (4:07)
B2. “Alexandre, Marcelo e Pablo” (5:16)
B3. “Suíte norte, sul, leste, oeste” (3:55)
B4. “Susto” (3:03)
B5. “Mestre Mará” (4:28)

Hermeto Pascoal — piano, acoustic guitar, voice, percussion, bamboo flute, objects, keyboards, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, recorder, whistle, flute, Clavinet, saxophone, tambour, bells, composer, producer, arranger, conductor, mixing, editing
Nenê — drums, percussion, objects, zabumba, piano, reco-reco, tambour, agogô, composer
Zabelê — acoustic guitar, voice, shakers, caxixi
Itiberê — contrabass, electric contrabass
Cacau — flute, baritone saxophone, saxophone, clarinet
Jovino — percussion, Clavinet, piano
Pernambuco — percussion, voice, triangle, pandeiro
Antônio Celso — electric guitar, bandolim, alto saxophone, flute
Seu Pascoal — voice
Dona Divina — voice

Mazola — artistic director
Guti — executive producer
Vitor Farias — recording engineer, mixing
Rafael Azulay — assistant engineer, editing
Ruy Pereira — cover art
Arnaldo Klajn — photography
Frederico Mendes — photography
Loris Machado — photography

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