Hermeto Pascoal – Slaves Mass (1977)

Slaves Mass is the third headlining studio album by Brazilian samba-jazz keyboardist/composer Hermeto Pascoal, released in 1977 on Warner Bros.

A1. “Mixing Pot (Tacho)” (9:20)
A2. “Slaves Mass (Missa dos escravos)” (4:17)
A3. “Little Cry for Him (Chorinho pra ele)” (2:20)
A4. “Cannon (Dedicated to Cannonball Adderley)” (5:13)
B1. “Just Listen (Escuta meu piano)” (7:10)
B2. “That Waltz (Aquela valsa)” (2:44)
B3. “Cherry Jam (Geleia de cereja)” (11:39)

Hermeto Pascoal — piano, Fender Rhodes, recorder, Clavinet, soprano saxophone, flute, acoustic guitar, composer, arranger, vocals
Airto Moreira — drums, percussion, effects, vocals, producer
Raul de Souza — trombone, vocals
David Amaro — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar
Flora Purim — vocals, producer
Ron Carter — acoustic bass
Alphonso Johnson — electric bass, effects
Chester Thompson — drums
Hugo Fattoruso — vocals
Laudir de Oliveira — vocals

Kerry McNabb — engineer, co-producer
Tom Copi — photography
Joel Sussman — photography
Ruy Pereira — artwork

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