Hermeto Pascoal ‎– Hermeto (1970)

Hermeto is the debut solo album by Brazilian samba-jazz musician/composer Hermeto Pascoal, released in 1970 on Cobblestone.

A1. “Mourning (Velorio)” (8:30)
A2. “Pliers (Alicate)” (3:52)
A3. “Bells (Guizos)” (6:13)
A4. “Yogurt (Coalhada)” (2:53)
B1. “The Marianas (As Marianas)” (4:26)
B2. “Hermeto” (4:18)
B3. “The Love Flower (Flor do Amor)” (5:43)
B4. “Fabiola” (3:44)

Hermeto Pascoal — Keyboards, Flute
Flora Purim — Voice (A1, A2, B1)
Googie Coppola — Vocals (A3)
Airto Moreira — Drums, Percussion, Voice (A1, B1)
Ron Carter — Bass

Conductor – Art Koenig
Strings – Alfred Brown, Gayle Dixon, Gene Orloff, George Ricci, Gerald Tarack, Joseph Malignaggi, Julian Barber, Kermit Moore, Matthew Raimondi, Max Pollikoff, Paul Gershman, Sanford Allen, Selwart Clarke, Winston Colymore
Trombone – Garnet Brown, Jack Jeffers, Richard Hixson, Wayne Andre
Trumpet – Ernie Royal, Gene Young, Joe Newman, Melvin Davis, Thad Jones
Tuba – Don Butterfield
Woodwind – Arthur Clarke, Harold Jones, Hubert Laws, Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion, Joe Farrel, Leon Cohen, Maurice Smith

Produced by Flora Purim and Airto Moreira
Composed and arranged by Hermeto Pascoal

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