Henry Gaffney – Waiting for a Wind (1976)

Waiting for a Wind is the first of two albums by American singer/songwriter Henry Gaffney, released in 1976 on RCA.

A1. “I’m Waiting for a Wind” (2:59)
A2. “Over My Shoulder” (3:24)
A3. “Manhattan” (3:00)
A4. “Nightmare” (3:31)
A5. “Can I Rely on You” (3:17)
B1. “If Only the Weather Would Change” (3:16)
B2. “Superstar” (2:24)
B3. “For Pete’s Sake (Julian Street)” (3:10)
B4. “Seems I’m Falling” (3:22)
B5. “Happy Birthday to Ya” (3:56)

Henry Gaffney — acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, writer
Elliott Randall — electric guitar, guitar
Lance Quinn — guitar
Anthony Jackson — bass
Allan Schwartzberg — drums, percussion
Pat Rebillot — piano, electric piano
Richard Davis — acoustic bass
John Tropea — guitar
Don Grolnick — electric piano
Dave Friedman — vibraphone
Lew Soloff — trumpet, soloist
Al Dana — backing vocals
Lenny Roberts — backing vocals
Dave Buskin — backing vocals

Gary Klein — producer, glass harmonica
Charlie Calello — string arrangements, horn arrangements, conductor
Joe Jorgensen — engineer
Charles Koppelman — executive producer
Nick Sangiamo — photography
Joseph Stelmach — art direction

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