Henry Cow, Slapp Happy ‎– In Praise of Learning (1975)

In Praise of Learning is a collaborative album between English avant-garde/jazz-rock quintet Henry Cow and multinational folk/pop trio Slapp Happy, released in May 1975 on Virgin Records. Musically, the album deviates from the chamber/free-jazz approach of prior Cow efforts with a rockier edge replete with vocals — something lacking from all earlier recordings apart from “Nine Funerals of the Citizen King.” The album was recorded during the same sessions that produced the short songs collected on Desperate Straights.

A1. “War” (2:24)
A2. “Living in the Heart of the Beast” (15:30)
B1. “Beginning: The Long March” (5:58)
B2. “Beautiful as the Moon – Terrible as an Army With Banners” (7:00)
B3. “Morning Star” (6:02)

Tim Hodgkinson — organ, clarinet, piano, writer
Fred Frith — guitar, violin, xylophone, piano, writer
John Greaves — bass, piano
Chris Cutler — drums, radio, writer
Lindsay Cooper — bassoon, oboe

Dagmar Krause — vocals
Anthony Moore — piano, writer, electronics, tapes
Peter Blegvad — guitar, vocals, clarinet, writer

Geoff Leigh — soprano saxophone
Mongezi Feza — trumpet
Phil Becque — producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, oscillator
Simon Heyworth — engineer

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