Helloween ‎– Keeper of the Seven Keys – Part II (1988)

Keeper of the Seven Keys – Part II is the third album by German symphonic/metal band Helloween, released in 1988 on Noise/RCA.

1. “Invitation” (1:06)
2. “Eagle Fly Free” (5:08)
3. “You Always Walk Alone” (5:08)
4. “Rise and Fall” (4:20)
5. “Dr. Stein” (5:03)
6. “We Got the Right” (5:07)
7. “Save Us” (5:12)*
8. “March of Time” (5:13)
9. “I Want Out” (4:39)
10. “Keeper of the Seven Keys” (13:38)

*CD-only track.

Michael Kiske — vocals, songwriter
Kai Hansen — guitar, songwriter
Michael Weikath — guitar, keyboards, songwriter
Markus Grosskopf — bass guitar, fretless bass
Ingo Schwichtenberg — drums

Tommy Newton — producer, engineering, mixing
Tommy Hansen — engineering, mixing, arranger
Helloween — arranger
Edda Karczewski — cover design
Uwe Karczewski — cover design

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Helloween were a German heavy metal band that released three albums and an EP on Noise Internation...

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