Heldon ‎– Stand By (1979)

Stand By is the seventh album by French avant-garde/electronic band Heldon, released in 1979 on Egg.

A1. “Bolero Part I: Apprehension” (3:44)
A2. “Bolero Part II: Bolero Proprement Dit” (4:00)
A3. “Bolero Part III: Recognition” (3:30)
A4. “Bolero Part IV: Répétition” (2:30)
A5. “Bolero Part V: Rote Armée Fraction” (2:00)
A6. “Bolero Part VI: Production” (2:00)
A7. “Bolero Part VII: Distribution” (2:30)
A8. “Bolero Part VIII: Déterrioration” (1:30)
B1. “Une drôle de journée” (4:00)
B2. “Stand By” (14:00)

Richard Pinhas — guitar, Moog, electronics, Minimoog, vocoder, sequencer, composer, producer
François Auger — percussion, composer, producer
Didier Batard — bass
Klaus Blasquiz — voice
Patrick Gauthier — piano, Polymoog, keyboards, Minimoog, composer

Roger Roche — recording engineer
Phil Ross — assistant engineer
Christian — engineer
Patrick Jelin — photography
Emerik Dubois — photography

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