Heldon ‎– Heldon IV “Agneta Nilsson” (1976)

Heldon IV “Agneta Nilsson” is the fourth album by French experimental/electronic combo Heldon, released in 1976 on Urus Records.

A1. “Perspective I (Ou Comment Procède le Nihilisme Actif)” (10:25)
A2. “Perspective II” (3:10)
A3. “Perspective III (Baader – Meinhof Blues)” (10:47)
A4. “Intermède : Bassong” (2:47)
B1. “Perspective IV” (7:05)
B2. “Virgin Swedish Blues” (7:26)
B3. “Psylocybine” (8:20)

Richard Pinhas — electronics, Mellotron, electric guitar, composer
Philibert Rossi — Mellotron
Coco Roussel — drums, percussion
Michel Ettori — guitar, composer
Gérard Prévost — bass
Alain Bellaïche — bass
Patrick Gauthier — mini moog
Daniel Schaez — recording engineer

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