Heaven 17 ‎– Penthouse and Pavement (1981)

Penthouse and Pavement is the debut album by Sheffield modernist pop/funk trio Heaven 17, released in 1981 on Virgin.

Pavement Side
A1. “(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang” (4:15)
A2. “Penthouse and Pavement” (6:20)
A3. “Play to Win” (3:33)
A4. “Soul Warfare” (5:00)
Penthouse Side
B1. “Geisha Boys and Temple Girls” (4:32)
B2. “Let’s All Make a Bomb” (4:06)
B3. “The Height of the Fighting” (2:58)
B4. “Song With No Name” (3:34)
B5. “We’re Going to Live for a Very Long Time” (2:41)

Glenn Gregory — vocals
Martyn Ware — synthesizer, percussion, piano, horns, backing vocals
Ian Craig Marsh — synthesizer, percussion, saxophone, horns
Josie James — vocals (A2)
Steve Travell — piano
John Wilson — bass, guitar, synthesizer

British Electric Foundation — producer
Peter Walsh — assistant producer, engineer
Steve Rance — engineer

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