Heatwave – Central Heating (1978)

Central Heating is the second album by American soul/funk collective Heatwave, released in 1978 on Epic.

A1. “Put the Word Out” (6:36)
A2. “Send Out for Sunshine” (4:28)
A3. “Central Heating” (4:42)
A4. “Happiness Togetherness” (3:59)
B1. “The Groove Line” (4:14)
B2. “Mind Blowing Decisions” (4:16)
B3. “The Star of a Story” (5:35)
B4. “Party Poops” (3:51)
B5. “Leavin’ for a Dream” (3:24)

Johnnie Wilder Jr. – Lead backing and choir vocals, congas.
Keith Wilder – Lead Vocals
Rod Temperton – Fender Rhodes piano, clavinet and synthesizers, acoustic piano and organ ( Betsy)
Mario Mantese – Bass guitar
Eric Johns – Electric lead and rhythm guitars, Spanish Guitar
Ernest “Bilbo” Berger – Drums and Timbales
Roy Carter – Rhythm and Bass Guitar, Fender Rhodes piano and acoustic piano

Frank Ricotti, Tristan Fry – percussion
Chris Payne – Trombones solo on “Happiness Togetherness”
Ron Mathieson – Acoustic bass on “Leaving for a Dream”
Pat Halling – String leader
Engineers- James Guthrie and Geoff Calver
Barry Blue — producer

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