Heart ‎– Private Audition (1982)

Private Audition is the fifth proper studio album by American hard rockers Heart, released in 1982 on Epic.

A1. “City’s Burning” (4:25)
A2. “Bright Light Girl” (3:22)
A3. “Perfect Stranger” (3:52)
A4. “Private Audition” (3:21)
A5. “Angels” (2:59)
A6. “This Man Is Mine” (3:02)
B1. “The Situation” (4:17)
B2. “Hey Darlin’ Darlin’” (4:00)
B3. “One Word” (4:32)
B4. “Fast Times” (4:03)
B5. “America” (2:34)

Ann Wilson – lead and backing vocals, piano (A3), producer
Nancy Wilson – guitars (acoustic, electric and pedal steel), blues harp, piano, electric piano, bass (A2, A5), lead vocals (B1, B3), backing vocals, producer
Howard Leese – guitars (electric and acoustic), synthesizer, bass (B1, B2), Moog bass, Moog drum, clavioline, alto recorder, Hammond organ, bells, cymbal, backing vocals, strings arrangements and conductor, producer
Steve Fossen – bass guitar
Michael DeRosier – drums

Sue Ennis – piano (B5), producer
Lynn Wilson – background vocals
Shelly Yakus – engineer

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